Immigrant Girl

a poem by Gold Maria Akanbi

Immigrant Girl

Working your fingers to the bone

The tears of your family and your ancestors

Invisible on the wall

Sew sew sew together

A destiny they tell you was predisposed

Ordained – you were never in control.

Immigrant Girl

What are your influences

Which way do you go

Who should you listen to?

Do you even own your soul?

A white cold voice whispers:

1st generation Immigrant Girl

Pick your poison and go –

Family, culture, religion and sin

Men, sex and children and me

Women, sex and feminism and me

Pop culture, sex, romanticism of atrocities, the fetish of the dead and sexual black body

Who are my influences where do I go?

I wish for a rebirth

I wish to release this fire within my soul

I wish to be free

And not fear my body and the autonomy that comes

From fearing no one’s power but my own.

Image by Gold Maria Akanbi

Gold Maria Akanbi is a bisexual Nigerian-British artist that grew up in South East London, firstly in the urban area of Lewisham and then moving to the suburbs of Bexleyheath later in her teenage years. Gold uses the pronouns She/Her/They and is an intersectional feminist, drawing much of her feminism from her Yoruba heritage and the stories and lives from the women in her family. She is currently studying Fine Art at Liverpool John Moores University and hopes to one day create a safe space for disenfranchised lgbt women of West African descent.

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