‘lost and found’ by makella.a

a poem by makella.a

heavy eyelids close

and lashes tangle together

eyes drooping like wilting flowers

despite the sunny weather

i used to get sunset drunk

my mind illuminated by a warm hazy light

laughing at unbelievably unfunny jokes

finding beauty in everything within my sight

but now i have increasing moments

where my energy just feels drained

swallowed by something bigger than me

my ability to think – constrained

losing grip of my identity

forgetting who i once was

suffocating my motivations

forgetting i had a cause

to live and to be happy

to come up and breathe again

forgetting that life won’t always be

bleakly tinted with disdain

so now, when the sun fails to make me smile

when gray clouds follow me around

i find power in simply retelling myself

though identity can be lost, it can also be found.


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