“Twenty 9teen” by Saie is the new bop encouraging you to DO YOU this year…

This year’s MOBO Award Trust Recipient Saie’s “Twenty 9teen” Visual is a nostalgic vehicle back to the Early 2000’s.

Written by Zoe Thompson

Saie, an upcoming voice in the music industry, is starting 2k19 off with a bang with ‘Twenty 9teen’, her first single from her audio archive “Genesis 22”, which airs today through her newborn record label, “The Afro-Romantics Club”! In a D.I.Y fashion, Saie recorded the track in producer SunsetDrver’s bedroom, recorded the video on iPhone and edited it using iMovie all in the space of one week. ‘Twenty 9teen’ is an unapologetic bop about making this your year and ‘doing you’. With a chorus declaring that “It’s 2019 what the **** do you mean? I’m just me and I’m living right now” – we are all encouraged to set our intentions for this year and seize every moment. I got to chat to Saie on the release of her new song about what the rest of 2k19 holds for her…


What do you think is the biggest thing that holds people back from “doing them”?

Speaking from personal experience, it’s most definitely the idea of perfection and wanting to be or create work at its final form, when in actuality you are not yet in final form. When you understand that, you let go of unrealistic self-depleting expectations and know that what you have and who you are at this time is enough. Until that point of realization, we are all just a bunch of recovering perfectionists chasing the high of our next accomplishment as opposed to just doing us and giving ourselves the space to evolve in front of others.

What advice would you give to people trying to set their intentions for the year, and actually achieve them?

I think that in terms of goals I would recommend looking into a method called “Smart Goals” which is to create goals under the criteria of Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. It’s also good to find someone to hold you accountable for your goals and to meet with to review every month. As for intentions, decide what you want to experience or how you want to experience something and declare it every single day when you wake up. 

“…reintroducing myself to my audience from a vulnerable space, tackling my battles with romantic instability and finding my peace with perceived delays in my journey”


How would you describe your archive “Genesis 22”, and what more can we expect from The Afro-Romantics club in 2019?

Genesis 22 is a conceptual project summarising the highs and lows of my journey up until this point. It has nostalgic touches of 90s hip-hop with drops of tropical drum patterns. The lyrical content is me reintroducing myself to my audience from a vulnerable space, tackling my battles with romantic instability and finding my peace with perceived delays in my journey as opposed to my prior music which was heavily focused on social injustice and empowering Black women. As far as The AfroRomantics Club, we will be launching this summer and showcasing more creatives around London meanwhile collaborating with platforms, publications and creatives to create content. 

Stream “Twenty 9teen” on these platforms:

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