‘Regret’ by Ronide Chery (idlelotus)

a poem by Ronide Chery aka idlelotus

i held regret by the palm of its hands
we skipped through the meadows and into the sunlight
we got married at an isolated country surrounded by sea..
we had several children by the names of mistake, hate, wreck, loss, and resentment ..
I’ve been a mother to misery all my life .
I am a good woman I say..
I don’t deserve this
the memories dawn on me quickly as I started to feel every emotion that emerged
from my womb ..
from the inner depths of my body.
my new family whispers and tells me “you cannot escape” it’s impossible..
I went into the forest and found
a trail of our old pictures together; burning one by one.

            regret | idlelotus

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