‘soft sighs and half hearted tries’, by makella.a

a poem by Makella.a

soft sighs and half-hearted tries

real tears through real eyes

an abundance of lows, not so many highs

sometimes it’s hard making people realise

that you’re also trying to cut your own self-sabotaging ties

and though you’re the one always giving advice

alone, you’re still pretty much demoralised

always seen as strong, always seen as wise

but the truth is quite far from this guys


sometimes i feel the world going anti-clockwise

a life full of feigned contentment and compromise

same me, but in a different guise

different day, different sunrise

i still see people trying to glamourize

oppressive ideals and sugar-coated lies

i’d like an extra serving of truth please – pint size

the fact that i feel this way comes as no surprise

living in this virtual reality enterprise

bursting with people pretending to empathise

but is your empathy, really empathy

if you’re still making it about


– makella.a

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